Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 32

In the classic book by Raymond Charles Barker, Treat Yourself to Life, he writes:

"The center of your life is within you, flowing out from you to the circumference. The circumference you call your world, your experience. Realize, however, that the circumference could not be unless there was a creative center within you. This creative center in the midst of you is called by most religions the Spirit of God. It is self-evident that life arises at the center and moves to the circumference. It is self-evident that in the world of which you are the center, you are the only thinker."

Meditate on this today. At the centre of you is You!! It is all powerful, unconditionally loving, and the divine pattern of perfect health. Let that Beloved Energy nurture you today. Let it continue to move from the center of your Being and fill every cell of your body with Light, every thought of your mind with Peace, and every beat of your heart with Love.

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