Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 58

When I wrote about acknowledgment yesterday – I meant for you to acknowledge your own successes!! We spend so much time thinking about the challenges – and not enough time realizing that our work in consciousness is having an effect!!

Here are two successes that were sent to me:

Jeff wrote: “I have noticed that my arthritis is not acting up as it usually does, and I believe it's on the way out. I've also noticed that my clothes are fitting a little looser, and that speaks of weight loss which is very healthy indeed!”

MerriLu wrote: “Yes...it works...and Yes, pain gone is not missed...and YES, I am grateful and YES, I use "Thank God I am Healthy" as a mantra daily and once again, YES...YES...YES...”

Often as I am in the process of changing my thinking about an experience, every little thing I notice that is in the direction of revealing the Truth of me, I call “signs of land.” Remember Noah watching for land during the flood. His first sign was a dove returning with a small twig of olive leaves. The dove symbolizes peace and the olive branch, a winner. As we begin to look for and acknowledge our successes, we feel a deep sense of Peace. The fears about the condition or experience drain away, and we are able to open more fully to our good.

AFFIRM: “My work in Mind is revealing a healthy me! I see it, I acknowledge it, and it continues to be so!”

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