Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 38

Ernest Holmes wrote that Unconditional Love overcomes everything unlike itself. Love, then, must be power. He also states that love is the self-givingness of Spirit. Love and Spirit are one and the same. Love heals because Spirit is the presence of wholeness and health.

Recently I had a discussion with someone who takes a lot of medicine. Medicine deals with symptoms and of course, we want relief from our symptoms. The person was embarrassed because of their medications. They felt guilty as they believed themselves to be a New Thought person. I reminded them that medicine was a tool for healing.

My teacher, Rev. Helen Street, when she first started teaching classes in Honolulu, purchased a huge bottle of aspirin and put it on the sink in the washroom. Of course, someone came out and asked her "If you believe what you teach, why do you have a huge bottle of aspirin on the counter?"
Rev. Helen replied "Well, if you can't walk on water - take a boat."

Though the real healing comes from a revealing of the Truth, an uncovering of the Love's Presence, and a change in consciousness, we should not feel guilty or ashamed because we take medicine to help us. If we are in pain or discomfort, it is hard to focus on being whole. In Truth, if everything is God, then the doctors, nurses, medicines, etc., are all an expression of God in our lives for our healing. In Divine Mind we are already whole and perfect in every way.

Breathe deeply and let the Truth be revealed!!

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