Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 34

Sometimes when we’re talking about our health, we say “my bad back”, “my cancer”, “my depression” etc., as if that condition was an entity that we own and live with – just like we say “my cat” or “my dog.”

I wish I could find a poem I once read called “Adam Names the Animals.” When I read that poem years ago, I realized that we get to experience what ever we name.

Every time I use the phrase “my bad back,” I am telling the Universe I want to experience more of the effects of that condition I have claimed as my own. The Universe says YES – that is the only word It knows. The Universe cannot say “Sorry – even though you’ve been thinking about the condition for months, and are still claiming it, I can’t give it to you because you Treated about it this morning.” It can only give you more of what you are focused on.

Where is your focus right now? What are you claiming for yourself?

Oh I know – You’re focused on and claiming your Highest Good!!

Affirm: I am healthy in mind, emotions and body!

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