Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 31

When we’re not feeling comfortable in our bodies or in our lives, we tend to focus on that discomfort. As we focus on it, it gets worse, so we focus on it even more. We set up a cycle of energy that creates more and more discomfort.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, wrote: "When a man's thought rests entirely on himself, he becomes abnormal and unhappy but when he gives himself with enthusiasm to any legitimate purpose, losing himself in the thing in which he is doing, he becomes normal and happy. Let the one who is sad, depressed, or unhappy find some altruistic purpose into which he may pour his whole being and he will find a new inflow of life of which he has never dreamed."

In other words, to get out of the cycle – do something for someone else!

Now you might say to me “You don’t understand, I hurt too much to do anything” or “I don’t have any money to do anything for anyone” or ???.

Doing something for someone else doesn’t have to be BIG – you can pick up the phone and tell someone how much you appreciate them …. You can write someone a letter. You can offer to walk someone’s dog.

The point is to be of service. Years ago I picked up a greeting card and read “The best exercise for the heart is reaching out and helping someone up.” That has stuck with me for many years, and it works! If I am feeling down, when I reach out to serve someone else, I am able to get out of my ‘pity-party’ and for the time I am serving them, I am not thinking about what’s wrong with me!! I give that cycle a rest … and if I do it consciously enough, I break that cycle, and pretty soon begin to feel lighter, and more healthy in all areas of my life!

Try it today!

Affirm: I am ready and willing to be of service to my world.

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