Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 47

Day 47

Another reason we don’t instantly see the Truth revealed when we do our Spiritual Mind Treatments is because we don’t believe we are that powerful.

In 1921 Judge Thomas Troward, author of Edinburgh Lectures and other books that influenced Ernest Holmes (the founder of Religious Science) wrote,

“In forming man, God, the Creative Principle, produced a perfect work, and our conception of ourselves as imperfect can only be the result of our own ignorance of what we really are; and our advancement, therefore, does not consist in having something new added to us, but in learning to bring into action powers which already exist in us, but which we have never tried to use, and therefore not yet developed.”

He goes on to say, “If we wish to attain these great powers, the question is, where are we to seek them? And the answer is in ourselves. That is the great secret. Every person is a concentration of the Universal Spirit into individual consciousness. It is the Real Self that we so often leave out in our estimate of what we are. Our challenge is that we have set up barriers to our awareness of it.”

Affirm: All barriers to my awareness of my True Self are dissolved gently and easily.

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