Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 33

I received an e-mail the other day that basically said “you can’t just think yourself well.”

OK, if one believes that – then they have to live by it. The basic Law in this dimension is IT IS DONE UNTO YOU AS YOU BELIEVE.

I agree healing has to be balanced on all levels of our being. If we’re Treating to lose weight, and continue to eat big, huge, yummy desserts every meal, we are counteracting our Treatment. That is, if we believe dessert is bad for us.

When I was studying for the ministry with Rev. Helen Street in Honolulu, HI., our class used to go out for snacks after class. One night the topic of conversation was about how bad sugar is for us, and Helen reached out and drew the sugar bowl towards her, and put her hands around it. She leaned down and whispered in a stage-whisper, “It’s ok, sugar, everyone still loves you.” We all laughed, and then realized it wasn’t the actual sugar that was harmful to us – it was our beliefs about it!

Doing our spiritual practices will lead us into healthy living. If we really trust the Infinite Intelligence within us, we will be guided to the right foods, the right practitioners, the right methodologies to facilitate our healing.

Affirm: Divine Mind assists me in attaining the consciousness of healthy living.

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