Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 35

A good day to pray:

I breathe deeply, allowing myself to settle into my Spirit. In this peaceful place, I feel the powerful Presence of The Divine. I sense the infinite intelligence. I feel the unconditional love. I am in awe of knowing I am the beloved in whom God is well pleased.

As I sit with this feeling, I notice a shift in my consciousness. All old stories of dis-ease are gently falling away like autumn leaves. They have done their service and are finished.

In their place a sense of newness is born. A feeling of vitality floods my cells and radiates out into my world. I am healthy! On every level of my being, I am healthy!

This is my Truth. This is my new story and I am sticking to it. I am so grateful for the constant Presence in my life. I am grateful the life I am living is an extension of God Life, and I make it good, very good.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they are so. And so it is.

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