Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 49

A good day to pray. Join me in this Spiritual Mind Treatment for our health. Breathe deeply, and allow these words to sink deep into your subjective mind.

We live in an infinite field of possibilities. This Field is the Mind of God, which is everywhere present, infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. This Field awaits our choices, becoming what ever we choose.

Today I choose health – mental, emotional and physical health. As soon as I made my choice, Spirit began to radiate through me as health. In my mind’s eye, I see everything changing to complete my choice. I see this radiation of Spirit touch not only my physical body, but the body of my affairs.

I choose balance – and declare that everything in my life is in perfect balance. I feel the blessings of being consciously aware of the Diving Presence within. I feel everything in my life falling into its right and perfect place.

I am so grateful for the Power Within. I am so grateful I am waking up to the Truth of my Being. I am so grateful I can speak this word and experience the effects, not only in my life, but in the lives of all the people in the Thank God We’re Healthy campaign and more. And so it is.

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