Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 48

And yet another reason I believe we don’t instantly see the Truth revealed and experience our healing …

We won’t let go of the old story!!

How many of us have done our Treatment work with the intention to be healthy in mind and heart, and then just a little while later, told someone about our ailment, or our lack of money, or love or how awful our job is, etc..

Jesus said “You can’t put new wine into old wineskins.” He was saying you can’t reveal the Truth with the consciousness that created the situation. We have to change our thinking to change our experience.

Today make a decision to not tell your story to anyone – not even you!. If you find your mind moving in that direction, change the direction of your thoughts.
Yes, it isn’t going to be easy – after all our stories have become ingrained – become habits in our minds. But we can do it!! Do it for just one day to see what it feels like! Soon the healthy thinking will become a new habit.

What to think about to replace the old story??? Think about what you are grateful for instead!

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