Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 53

In the Abraham-Hicks writings it says that the two factors in the creation of anything are to WANT IT and ALLOW IT.

Wanting it – we all want to be healthy in every aspect of our being, don’t we?

So - do we Allow it? Many people who are experiencing dis-ease are doing so by default. They want to be healthy, but the majority of their thoughts don’t support their wellness.

Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote that the only price we had to pay was in spiritual coin – to me that means paying attention. Paying attention to what we’re thinking about, talking about .. paying attention to what we’re feeling, and then asking “Is this conducive to my greatest good?” and if it’s not – consciously changing the direction we were heading in.

Affirm: “Divine Mind gently, easily, and with humor, reminds me when I am off track”

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