Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 45

Does it make you feel funny to think of yourself in terms of a wonderous Being? I can imagine someone looking at the last two days of our campaign, and thinking “But you don’t understand, my body (or life, or relationship, or job) isn’t working right. If I am so wonderous, why would this be happening?”

Perhaps we’re having the experience we are because we accepted it as it is. We’ve accepted that it isn’t working – not with the sacred acceptance of ‘ok, look how powerful I am – I created dis-ease in my life … now I’ll use that same power to make it the way I want it’ … but with a sense of fatalism ….“God handed me this situation, I’ve got to deal with it.”

This is what we call ‘settling’ – settling for what is, and therefore telling the Universe we want more of it.

If it is true (and I believe it is) that the starting point of all conditions is in our thought-images, then we don’t have to settle for what we’ve created. We can change our mental picture of ourselves, and act as if what we desire is already so!

Spend some time today imagining yourself free of the condition that you’re desiring to change. How would you act differently? What does that freedom look like? How does it FEEL? Focus on that and take it into prayer or meditation, believing that it is possible. It is, you know – nothing is impossible for God – and God is within you right now !!

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