Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 46

I’m knowing you had fun yesterday using that powerful tool called your imagination!

We are deepening our understanding that the basis of all healing is a change in belief. So what stops us? We can imagine ourselves healthy …. So why don’t we instantly change?

There are many ways I could answer those questions – today I am going to talk about deservability. Do you really believe you deserve to be healthy, or have that right person in your life, or have plenty of money, or be in the most wonderful profession?

Some of us have left parts of ourselves in the memories of painful childhood experiences that made us feel we weren’t worth of living a full life. Working on our forgiveness processes helped recover those parts. I know you are feeling more whole after doing the work you have already done. (and there always seems to be more work to do in this area)

The past few days have been about remembering who you REALLY are – Spirit in form. As Spirit you are totally worthy of every good thing – how could you not be? It had become a habit to think of yourself as unworthy, undeserving of your Highest Good. Now you know God is your good,. Your good is your God and It is within you now!

AFFIRM: I deserve my highest good – my good is God! God expresses through me as Health!

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