Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 37

We’re just over half way through our adventure in changing our consciousness about health. We’ve made our declarations, and re-committed ourselves to them. We have done our forgiveness processes. We have meditated, done Spiritual Mind Treatments, and affirmations. We have remembered that what we predominantly focus on is what we will manifest in our lives.

I believe in health. I believe in physical, mental and emotional health, and I believe it is possible for all of us. I KNOW there is a Divine Pattern of Health that is much greater than any condition we might have manifested. When it seems like things aren’t working the way I want them to, I refuse to live in fear. When I become afraid, I have to ask myself, "Where's my strength? Where's the power?" It always come back to God.

Do we really believe in a Power that is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving or do we have a wimpy god? What ever we believe about God is what we believe about ourselves. There IS a Principle within us that responds to whatever we are choosing for ourselves. If I choose illness (yes, I know we would never consciously choose illness – but we choose it by our actions – where we put our focus) I get to experience more illness. If I choose wellness – I get to experience more wellness.

When I sat down and made my declaration for health at the beginning of our Thank God We’re Healthy campaign, all the Power of the Universe was behind that declaration, attracting to me instantly all I would need for my choice to be made manifest. When I veered off into illness thinking, that Power followed me, again making my dominant thoughts manifest. I must be vigilant in my thinking! And I must trust that Power to do It’s work.

Jesus told us to “Pray believing it is so, and it will be.” In Religious Science we realize we are “praying without ceasing” through our thoughts. Where are your thoughts right now concerning your health?

Come back to your Path, claim the Power, be vigilant and let the Power do It’s work!!

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