Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 30

Not long ago someone I know was given a diagnosis. They began to do a lot of research on this diagnosis. They found lots of symptoms they were familiar with, and they found lots to be afraid of,

I totally appreciate the research they did to discover what the diagnosis meant ....
HOWEVER -- (and you knew from me there'd be a however, eh?!)
I cautioned them to be very careful of the consciousness they were doing this research with!!

Think about this: If you accept a diagnosis and the "facts" surrounding it, you will get to experience all of that. If you allow yourself to have a metaphysical understanding come from your research, you will be able to move through the experience much faster.

Remember, what you're looking for, you will find -- that's basic quantum physics and metaphysics.

So here's a story for you:

Years and years ago when I was studying with the late Rev. Helen Street in Honolulu, I was living with my boyfriend, my cat and my dog. My dog and I had been together for years, and we had an agreement he would never have fleas -- and he didn't.

When my boyfriend, who was an organic chemist, started living with me, every night he would pet Hobbs (the dog) and then turn him over and examine him for fleas. I kept telling him that Hobbs didn’t have fleas, and he would scoff “All dogs have fleas.”

I went to Helen and told her about this and my fears that he would find what he was looking for!! She said "Don't worry, the trained mind is the dominant mind" and walked away.

I realized that if I bought into Rick's belief that all dogs have fleas, then that would become our reality! So I stuck to my story -- Hobbs didn't need to have fleas, and never had, and never would -- and he never did -- which is saying something in the islands!!

Please know that I am not belittling anyone’s diagnosis - or the work they are doing to understand it. I am looking at it from a metaphysical viewpoint.
A diagnosis is a "fact" -- we live in the Truth!! Look for and focus on The Truth, and The Truth will set you free!

Affirm: Regardless of appearances, the Truth of me is perfect, Divine, health.

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