Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 25

Are you passionate about being healthy?

If you’ve answered yes – and I hope you did - then I ask you this question – do you spend as much time mentally and emotionally on your health as you do on your dis-ease? Our bodies respond faster to our thoughts than any thing else. In fact, we could say that our bodies are “thick thought!”

If we spend 5 minutes in prayer regarding our health, and then 24 hours and 55 minutes complaining, talking, or thinking about it, which do you think the Universe is going to respond to? The Universe always responds to our dominant thoughts – that which we think about the most.

You might be thinking .. “You don’t know how much pain I’m in – how can I think of anything but that?” I’m going to suggest something to you that might be scary …. If all you can think about is pain - go into it! It has a message for you. And I know from experience that a lot of my pain came from resistance to getting that message. AND I also know that at the center of pain is stillness.

Try this… if there is a painful place in your body, breathe deeply and let yourself go right into that pain … for a moment you will find yourself really focusing on the feeling of pain, and let yourself go past that … keep going into that pain until you find its center. You will find the place that is Spirit – with no pain, no dis-ease. Rest in that place for a few moments. Then consciously pay attention to what it feels like to be free of the feeling of pain. Now ask what your message is. If you can, make a decision about that message. (ie: if the message is to let in Love, then your decision is about how you will do that). Rest easily again for a few moments in that stillness and again feel what it feels like to be free of pain. Let it be your intention to be pain free always. Breathe deeply to anchor this experience and your intention and let it go.

Now you have set your mind at a place where it remembers what it is to be pain-free. When ever you are feeling ill, go back to that place. The more you do, the more you will experience it in your physical being. Each time you have periods of being pain-free, acknowledge the work you have done! You will see that those periods become longer and longer.

I KNOW for all of us, that we are getting better and better every day!

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