Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 11

September 11th. A few years ago today, in just a few moments, the world was changed drastically. So is it with our lives when we get a diagnosis, have a car accident, get fired, our mate says they leaving, or someone we love dies. In an instant, everything is different. Suddenly we don’t feel the same as we did a few moments before. Suddenly everything feels chaotic, and unbalanced.

According to many of our world’s ancient and modern saints, sages and scientists, it is not the actual event that creates the chaos in our world – it is how we respond to it. Not that responding in shock, anger, grief, etc., is wrong, it is just that those are temporary emotions that we sometimes get stuck in.

As you created your list of people to forgive, what did it feel like? Did you find yourself replaying the drama over in your mind. Did the old hurts come up? Think of the amount of energy you are using to keep those feelings alive. Imagine where that energy has become stuck in your body or in your life. Forgiveness is the ‘Divine WD 40’ that gets us unstuck, and gives us back that energy to use elsewhere – like creating a joy-filled life!

Look again at your forgiveness list, and re-evaluate why you want to be healthy. In the next few days I will share with you some powerful forgiveness techniques.

Affirm with me: I am ready to receive all of Life’s blessings!

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