Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 21

It’s a good day to pray! Join me in this Spiritual Mind Treatment …. Read it with as much feeling and belief as you can, as many times as you desire. I have written it in the first person to make it easier for you to embody:

One Power – One Presence – One Life. I open my heart and mind today to this Truth. There is only One. I am of this Oneness and It is good.

Knowing this, I speak my word for wholeness. I declare

“I feel healthy – body, mind & emotions!”

As I make this declaration, all the power of the Universe is behind my words. I accept them as my Truth. I am a radiation of Divine Health.

I am now conscious of this Truth at the sub-atomic level. I imagine everything moving into its perfect place. I feel the radiation of Health moving up through my atoms, my cells, my bones, my muscles, my organs, my skin. All my systems are responding effortlessly! As I scan my body in my mind’s eye, I rejoice at its perfection! What a miracle I am!

I feel this radiation of Health clearing my mind of all thoughts that no longer serve me. I feel my heart being swept clean of all emotional baggage. There is a vitality in me that is greater than anything I have experienced before!

I celebrate Divine Health as me, here and now! I am grateful to experience this awesome Presence within me. I am grateful for the One Life – God’s Life – the Life I am living fully now!

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are already done. And so It is.

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