Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 15

SO – have you picked a forgiveness process and started the work? I know we have very busy lives, and are working through lots of things, yet this work is essential to our health! Why would we put it off?!

My dear friend, MerriLu Parks, a medical intuitive who with her husband moved to Brazil to work with John of God, writes this:

Here at the Casa, the staff and John of God speak nearly every single day about the importance of forgiveness!!!
They state that forgiveness and love open us to the energies of healing being able to penetrate and permeate our bodies on the deepest levels.

I heard one person ask a staff member how many times she had to forgive a particular person...she was told, "As many times as necessary!"

(Google “John of God” and you’ll find that this is a man who has given his life over to facilitating healing and has served thousands!)

Another member of our list writes that he realized once again he has to do the forgiveness process on his Father …. My feeling is that we forgive to the best of our ability each time we do it, and if stuff comes up around that person again, it’s not that we didn’t do it right the first time, it is that we have uncovered another layer.

Laura wrote: I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you THANK YOU for including the comment to “create a file in your computer”. I am a very private person and sometimes feel that if I write it in my written journal, someone will read it. I believe it prevents me from really letting go. Now, you have empowered me to use my computer! There was a part of me who, before I read your suggestion, thought that typing it might not be as effective. I must say I have started the below in a new Word document and took your approach in just letting whatever bubbles up from my subjective mind!! Thank you again for bringing me the exact words I need to hear. Awesome how Spirit works!

Isn’t it interesting how we can distract ourselves from doing the work our Soul wants to do? “Can’t write it in my journal, someone might find it …. Have to write it out in long hand….” Oh, how well I know this!! I had those same thoughts the first time I did this work, then decided to sit down at my typewriter (remember those!?) because I could type faster than I could write. The first time I found my fingers cramped up terribly – not because of the amount of typing – I am an excellent typist – but because there was a part of me that was resisting. I realized I was afraid to do the work!! I was determined however, and kept breathing into it, and resting my hands, and when the 7 days were over, I was so glad that I persevered!

Tomorrow I am going to share one more process with you. You can also google 'forgiveness' and find many more processes. Find the one that resonates with you, and then DO IT!! Our lives depend on it.

Affirm with me: With every breath, I am getting healthier !! Thank God!

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