Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 20

Sometimes when life has been painful, mentally, emotionally or physically, we lock ourselves away in a cocoon of darkness. We become depressed and forget our magnificence. Meditation is an excellent way to move out of that darkness.

And if you just can’t meditate, then distract yourself! Remember the story of Norman Cousins who healed himself of disease through laughter? He watched old movies and had friends tell him jokes. He consciously moved himself to a higher vibration, and it worked!!

Today would be a good day to play! What is it that makes you smile? If it’s movies, rent some comedies and have a popcorn & movie day. Or go to YouTube, put “comedy” in the search engine, and laugh yourself silly. If it’s books, find something fun to read. Or maybe it’s time to get out some crayons and paper and have fun creating your own cartoons.

YOU know what makes you happy – so instead of thinking about getting well (or about being sick) – do something fun!! That is great medicine!!

Affirm: I have a healthy sense of humour! I enjoy having fun!

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