Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 29

Some participants share:

Lisa wrote about her forgiveness process: “Last night was day 7 for me and yes, I feel a lot lighter but more appreciative of the things that have happened to me, for there were some valuable lessons in them.
When I first starting writing "I forgive me for________.", I had a lot, from the past but as the time progress the list got shorter and shorter. Two days ago, I realized my list of "I forgive me for_______." was from the day, not days, months or years ago. How freeing is that? It's so good to know that I won't be harboring stuff of today into the future.
I realized it was a mis-take of the day, am learning from the mis-take and have forgiven myself for it.
I am loving it!
I am down to less than a half a cigarette, I think it is now more than habit than a need to smoke before I go to bed or maybe it's both but Thank God, each day, I am getting better and better! Amen!!!”

What a great insight Lisa ! My foster Mother used to say that one reason she and my foster father had such a good relationship is that they refused to go to bed angry. They did not hold grudges or resentments. They took care of the days problems right away, and always ended their day appreciating each other. This is a really important part of healing. I believe our cells respond quickly and we all know how good it feels to be appreciated!

Neall wrote: “My old health fears arose today, too. ….today when I’m feeling wonderfully alive, the old neurotic thoughts took over again: “You’re getting a life-threatening illness.” I recognized them, today, though, instead of letting them take me over. I suddenly realized: “It’s another gremlin!” I then spent a half hour doing EFT on the situation, which has helped. This is something new: Catching the gremlin in action the same day. Progress!”

Good for you Neall, for acknowledging the work you are doing! This is also a very important part of healing!!

Where the attention goes, the energy flows. The more we acknowledge the effects of our healing efforts, the more those effects will show up in our lives. Let yourself acknowledge everything, no matter how small it is. If you are healing your financial life and see a penny on the ground – pick it up and yell “IT’S WORKING!” If you’re healing your physical body, and you have a moment when you feel really good, acknowledge it and yell “IT’S WORKING!” If you’re healing an addiction, and you don’t take that huge helping of dessert, or find yourself out of cigarettes, acknowledge yourself and yell “IT’S WORKING!”

And yes, I want you to yell – even if you do it in your mind. I want you to get emotional about your acknowledgment of your successes! Physically - getting emotional creates a shower of the proper neuropeptides for our health! Spiritually – we are recognizing the Power Within and how It works through us!

Affirm: All the cells of my body are daily bathed in the perfection of my divine being.

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