Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 1

Day 1

Congratulations for taking the first step towards the consciousness of Health.
Please know that in taking this step, you have set in motion all the Power of the Universe. It will work for you, through you, and as you in this adventure.
I invite you to fully participate in this process. Please do not just read the daily e-mails and nothing else.
Also know that though this program is geared to our physical bodies, it will work for anything we believe is out of alignment.

Are you ready right now to be committed to 60 days towards changing your health consciousness?

If your answer is yes, get ready!! Change is going to happen!!

Because I am a writer, I would set up a file in my computer, or even get a new journal for this process. However you choose to do it, be real, be honest, and let your your mind and heart move you through these 60 days. Right now, that might seem like a long time -- but believe me, at the end, it will have been worth it!!

You've already taken the first step .. the next one is to acknowledge where you feel out of health.
Be totally honest with yourself. What is it that you would like to feel in your body? What Truth would you like to have revealed? Don't be general -- be specific.

Now that you know what you want - declare your intention to have it be so.

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