Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 12

There are many tools for transformation in the area of forgiveness. I am going to share a couple of my favourites in the next few days. I ask you to read them with an open heart and the willingness to let Spirit guide you to the right one for you. The work MUST be done, and our intention to do it will bring us the process that is perfect for us. It might be one I share with you, or you might suddenly find one in your e-mail box, or a friend might tell you about one that worked for them. Pay attention to your body … It will let you know which one you should use. Maybe you’ll feel it in your gut, maybe the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up. We’ll talk more about body intuition later – right now believe me when I say your body knows what it needs – on all levels.

Years ago, when I was first studying the Science of Mind, I found a book in the Glendale California Church bookstore that called to me. It was The Only Diet There Is, by Sondra Ray. (I laugh now when I think that I was overweight then!!) However, the book wasn’t about diets at all! And the most valuable thing I got from it was a forgiveness process that I have used over and over again because I got results!

Here is her process: Pick a start date (today would be good) … create a file in your computer, or get a special book, and approach this process as spiritual practice. Now choose the person you want to forgive.

Every day for 7 consecutive days, write down 70 times “I forgive ___________.” Let’s say I wanted to forgive my Mother. Then every day I would write 70 times “I forgive my Mother (or Mommy or what ever name you called her as a child). This must be done for 7 consecutive days. What I’ve noticed over the years with this process, is that after day 4, most people begin to feel quite a bit lighter, and feel complete with the exercise. However I will tell you from personal experience that if you quit at day 4, you haven’t released the stuck energy!

Now, the first time I used this process I wrote “I forgive my Mother for ___________.” I wrote down the first thing that came up. I felt like memory bubbles were coming up from my subjective mind and wanted to be released. So without allowing myself to get into the feelings of the memory, I wrote it down and went on to the next one. I was amazed at what I was still holding on to!!
I wrote down everything that came up and when nothing else came up I just wrote “I forgive my Mother.” Until I reached the 70. The next day I started again – and some of the same memories came up, but I wrote them down anyway. At the end of the 7 days, I felt freed from a heaviness I didn’t even know I had been experiencing!

A few weeks later I called my Father’s home and my Mother answered the phone. They had been divorced for quite awhile so this surprised me. I hadn’t spoken to her in over 12 years. We started talking, and she said she was willing to meet with me, but not yet. A few months later my sister invited me over and our Mother was there. We talked late into the night, and both apologized in our own ways for the way we had behaved.

I have used this process many times over the years, and each time, something amazing has happened … maybe not right away, but there was definitely an experience that happened that proved to me that my changing my consciousness and letting go worked for all the people concerned!!

Affirm with me: I am ready and willing to be guided into the forgiveness method that will work for me.

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