Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 22

One of our participants decided to really move some energy! She started working the forgiveness process and cutting back on smoking at the same time. I e-mailed her about her courage to do such a thing – because I know both processes can be very emotional!

Yesterday she wrote:

“What came to me tonight, about the limited smoking - only had two today - was that I had been smoking for the last 29 years and this was like a "marriage" to me. Albeit, a marriage of inconvenience/habit but nonetheless the same. My actually marriage didn't last that long.

This is going to be a separation but I am willing to go through it and not because I have to but because I want to! I want to live a healthy, long life for the next 29+ years! Hm, those are the same reasons I left my abusive husband!

Thank you again for the treatment, it really helped me to remember, what I am and why I am here!

How delightfully freeing our “ah ha’s” are!! As a teenager I had a realization that once I understood a problem, it was no longer a problem! (That might not be true for everyone – especially if we choose to stay attached to the problem.) Recognizing that smoking was like “a marriage” that no longer serves her, is an understanding that will make it a lot easier to let go of the habit!

Another participant wrote:

Doing my seventy times sevens on my father I feel like I’m becoming a “spiritual athlete”. Not a bad job, actually; a lot of those Olympic athletes seemed pretty happy from their “work”. I think I’ll be addressing my mother and older brothers next.

I love the idea of being a spiritual athlete!! Athletes train and work hard at doing their best. They are focused on a goal, and KNOW they want to win!! We can train by reading spiritual materials, going to classes and Sunday Gatherings, and most of all – DOING THE WORK!

Years ago when I was packing my books for a move, I saw I had read most of them by all I had underlined, yet when it came to the exercises suggested, I had skipped over them. Somewhere in the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes writes – and here I’m going to have to paraphrase – “The time for theory is past – it’s time to put the Principles to work!”

We are 1/3 into our adventure together …. Today, let’s take a deep breath and re-commit ourselves to this work, knowing that what we are consciously doing, is changing our consciousness to one of Divine Health!

AFFIRM: I am so grateful to know that as I change my mind, I change my life!

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