Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 4

Now that you’ve had a day to play with yesterday’s affirmation, I thought we’d take it deeper. In Religious Science, we use an affirmative type of prayer we call Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind on page 277:

“Treatment removes doubt and fear, lets in the realization of the Presence of Spirit, and is necessary while we are confronted by obstructions or obstacles. Every problem is primarily mental, and the answers to our problems will be found in Spiritual Realizations.”

There is a wonderful tutorial on creating your own Spiritual Mind Treatment, and more information as to what it is and how it works on this site

Now, let me write one for you. I will write it in the first person to make it easier for you to embody. When you first read this Treatment, become aware of how you feel and what your thoughts are. Then please breathe deeply and let yourself read it again, with all the belief and feeling that you can, as many times as you’d like. Remember, you are declaring a Spiritual Truth – and with God all things are possible! As they say in 12 step groups – “It only works if you work it!”

I recognize the Great Wholeness that permeates this universe. It is the Source and Substance of all that is. It is in everything around me and within me. It is the LifeForce of the Universe.

Knowing this Great Wholeness works through me by my use of Spiritual Law, I now declare:

I am delightfully healthy in mind, body and emotions.

As I make this declaration I do so with a clear awareness that all the Power of the Universe is behind me. It moves through me, realigning all I have believed to be out of order, and makes things right. I breathe deeply accepting this Truth. I am an outpicturing of the Great Wholeness. My body is made whole, my mind is whole, my heart is whole. I move forward along my Life Path knowing and experiencing this Truth.

I am grateful for being able to change my thinking and change my life. I am grateful for my conscious awareness of the Divine Wholeness I am now expressing. I am grateful for Life!

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are already done. And so it is.

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